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Sarita Udyan

SaritaUdyan is located in Gandhinagar Sector 9 and is situated along the banks of River Sabarmati. This beautiful garden is located approximately 14 km from GIFT City.

It is a picnic spot for the families looking for a fun-filled day outing. The park has activities catering to all age groups.

The park is a botanical garden and hence has variety of trees and flowers.

The botanical garden inspires and attracts people from fields like floriculture, horticulture and botany to study in peace the nature’s best creation. Its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere enchants visitors and gives them calmness.

The park also has a deer park and is an attraction for the kids. One can indulge in some wild life photography in SaritaUdyan. The park offers calm space for people to do jogging, practice yoga and do exercises. SaritaUdyan is easily accessible as it is in the center of the city and hence all modes of transport are available.

Best time to visit SaritaUdyan is the winter season from October to March when the flowers are at their best. The park remains open from 7 in the morning till 7 in the evening.




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