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One of the major tourist attractions of Ahmedabad,Kankaria Lake is the biggest lake of the city situated in South Ahmedabad’s Maninagar area having a periphery of around 2.5 kms. It is a frequently visited spot by the touristsand has some public attractions like zoo, kids city, toy train, tethered ballon ride, water rides,water park, Balvatika, Amusement Park, Stone Mural Park, Dutch and Armenian tombs, food stalls and entertainment facilities. In 2008, the lakefront was revamped by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. An annual carnival is held in Kankarialake in the last week of December. In this Kankaria carnival, lots of art, cultural and social activities are organised as part of celebrations. 

Thislake was built during the Solanki period and completed in 1451 by Sultan Qutbuddinand was then known as “QutbHauz”. This hauz was used by the kings for royal bath. It is a circular lake at one point of a circular lake, there opens a walkway which later converges into a garden called NaginaWadi which is situated in the centre of the lake. The garden is polygon shaped with 34 sides and has steps leading to the water level. 

Other attractions include Natural History Museum, DaduDayal Museum, Aquarium, Desert Safari, gardens like Butterfly Park, One Tree Hill Garden, water sports and rides, football ground, Jaldhara water park, open air threatre, boating and small amusement park.  There is also a gym on campus known as AmbubhaiPuraniVyayamshala.  It is a good place for running, walking and yoga in early morning.
Timings for visiting Lakefront
4 am to 8 am - Entry for Morning Walkers - Free
8 am to 9 am - Break
9 am to 10 pm - Entry Fee applicable



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