April 10, 2015

FM Arun Jaitley takes a dig on PIL for development projects

Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley took a dig on the PIL petitioners and hinted that law should be made which makes it mandatory to declare the PIL petitioners who file PIL against a development projects to declare their source of funds.

Few days back, PM Narendra Modi had hinted for a cautionary approach to be taken by the Indian Judiciary while dealing with high profile activists.

The Government recently also barred Greenpeace India, a NGO, from receiving foreign remittances with immediate effect and freezed all its bank accounts. It is alleged that the NGO is working against the country's public and economic interests.

Jaitley opined that PILs are majorly impacted by the source of funds and hence a declaration should be taken from the PIL petitioner stating the source of fund which helps them in fighting the PIL. This will ensure that the so-called crusaders calling for transparency in Government activities also are transparent in their activities.

PM Modi, during a conference of the Chief Justices of the High Courts of India and Chief Ministers, had stated that the Judiciary is becoming powerful but it is also apt that the judiciary becomes perfect and live up to people’s expectations. The judiciary should be cautious against verdicts which are driven by perception rather than facts.

Jaitley indicated there are a slew of tax reforms on the anvil to make the GIFT IFSC face competition from the globally settled IFSCs. The Government is working on an internationally acceptable and non-adversarial tax regime.






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