May 1, 2015

Tata Communications to set up high level Data Centre

GIFT city will soon have a fully equipped data centre with Tier 4 facilities. These facilities will include cloud storage &advanced communication networks. The data centreis being built with the help of Tata Communications and will have high-speed data processing equipments, computer systems, technologically advanced serversystems and remote storage systems.The data centre is meant to efficiently handle and service the data requirements of the financial companies which are setting up their operations in GIFT City.


The proposed Data centreis spread across 1 lakh sq. ft. and will have 4 floors. The work on the building where the data centre will be established is completed and work on establishing the IT infrastructure is currently under progress.The data centre will provide services like IT infrastructure, cloud-based IT services and even software on demand.

The Data centre will be developed in stages and in the initial stage, 900 racks of advanced servers and communication switches are being put in place. The data centrewill have the capacity to house 2,700 racks. The data centre is being built by a consortium of IT companies. Tata Communications has taken the lead in establishing the data centre and will be supported by other technology companies likeCisco,Newgen and KT corporation.


A Tier 4 data centrehas technologically advanced equipments and infrastructure which leads to a delay of maximum 26 minutes in a whole year due to technical reasons leading to efficient data storage and retrieval. This time-lag is the USP of a Tier 4 Data centre and it increases the reliability. Companies in BFSI who are setting up their operations in GIFT City will be benefitted largely with such reliable and technologically advanced data centre.

The data centreis expected to start in a few months. Once the data centre is running in GIFT City, companies can find it easier to establish their offices since the networking and data storage and connection can only take a fortnight for completion. This can ensure quick set up of offices by the interested companies.






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