December 22, 2015

GIFT to face hurdles for construction due to expired NOC

GIFT city was supposed to come up with 35 towers and Airport Authority of India (AAI) had provided NOCs for the same.At present, there are only 2 towers under construction and only 1tower is partially functioning. The NOCs by AAI were for the time period of five years and they will have to be renewed again in the near future if constructions of the other towers have to be done.

NarendraModi’s pet project GIFT city was launched in the year 2007 during Modi’s tenure as CM of Gujarat.Based on the RTI reply received by Roshan Shah, a Gujarat-based RTI activist, it is seen that the GIFT City project is progressing at a very slow pace.

The document reveals that AAI had granted NOC to GIFT’s 35 towers for 5 years as on May 21, 2010. While the NOC has expired, the AAI replied that it has not received any fresh applications for renewal of the NOC given for the heights at which building can be constructed. The NOC was given on 21-May-2010 to construct 35 buildings. The proposed construction was given permissible top elevation of 175.6 metresto 191 metres above mean sea level (MAMSL). The NOC given was valid for a period of five years from the date of issue with the condition that if the building is not constructed and completed in the 5 years, GIFT will be required to obtain fresh NOC fromAAI.

GIFT is being developed to boost IT and Financial industries. The corporates setting up their business would give tough competition to Global IFSCs like New York, London, Shanghai, Paris, Singapore and Tokyo.

The huge offices in GIFT resemble the big towers in Mumbai and Bangalore but currently since there are no residential accommodations available, the city looks like a deserted city especially on public holidays with hardly few cars seen in GIFT






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