May 14, 2015

Jamnabai Narsee School start at GIFT City

According to Sujay Jai raj, trustee of Jamnabai Monjee Educational Trust,the trust is all set to start the academic operations in the school at GIFT City, and the school will be named JamnabaiNarsee School.

The school is built on an area of 1,60,000 sq ft along with an area of 2 acres for play ground only. The school has the capacity to impart education to 2000 students in its campus.

The school was inauguratedtoday Vasuben Trivedi, Gujarat minister of Higher Education. The school is having ICSE and IGCS syllabusand will be functional from the first week of June 2015 for pre-primary and primary classes till grade 6th.

In GIFT City campus, a number ofco-curricular activities will be provided to the students such as a variety of indoor-outdoor games, western and classical music, various types of dances, art and crafts centre, photography, classes of different languages, theatre and many more.

JamnabaiMonjee Educational Trust was selected out of around 100 schools to open a school at GIFT. “This is like a dream come true, a dream to offer the worldwide education in Gujarat” said Jairaj C Thacker, Managing Trustee, JamnabaiMonjee Educational Trust.The Trust is already running a school in Mumbai and is well recognized and wants to provide the same quality education in Gujarat too.

Education will be given by the qualified and experienced faculty that has been selected from all over the country. Apart from this advanced teaching practices have been given to the teachers.

The school will be having distinctive transport facilityfor all the students in which CCTV cameras will be fitted inside the buses keeping in view the point of safety. The buses will also be fitted with GPRS in order to track the vehicular movement. The managementis also dwelling on the prospects of starting the higher secondary classes.




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