May 12, 2015

Gujarat CM to push for Smart Cities during her China visit

Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel will be undertaking her first overseas tour to China. She will be part of Prime Minister NarendraModi’s delegation in China from May 14,2015. The CM during her visit will be accompanied by representatives from corporate world. Companies which are already having their presence in China or having potential business ties with Chinese companies have been selected to be part of the Chief Minister’s touring party. It is expected that following officials may form part of the convoy:

  1. ParimalNathwani of Reliance Industries
  2. Sudhir Mehta of Torrent Group
  3. Karan Adani from Adani Group
  4. Nitin Shukla of Shell
  5. B K Goenka of Welspun group
  6. S B Dangayach of Sintex Industries
  7. R K Jha of GIFT City

Apart from the representatives from the corporate world, the delegation also includes representatives from office bearers of CII and Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Some of the top bureaucrats and Government officials will also be part of the delegation like

  1. Meenakshi Patel (Ahmedabad City Mayor)
  2. Arvind Agarwal (Industries Secretary)
  3. S Aparna (Principal Secretary to CM)
  4. Mamta Verma (Industries Commissioner)
  5. D Thara (Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner)
  6. Bharat Lal ( State’s Resident Commissioner)

The CM had been successful in continuing the bonhomie between Gujarat and China after Modi was elected as the PM and continuing the relations, it is expected that she will use this opportunity to woo the financial institutions to become a part of GIFT City IFSC. She will be visiting Hong Kong and will use the opportunity to hard sell GIFT City as an IFSC and Dholera as the next SMART City of Gujarat.

The Industrial Extension Bureau has arranged for interactive sessions for the CM with various financial institutions in HongKong and Shenzhen to attract investments for GIFT. GIFT Co. Ltd. will thereafter follow up with the institutions for investment in GIFT. It is expected that during the meetings, several MoUs can be signed with the Chinese companies.






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