Jan 30, 2015

Solid Waste Management at GIFT using SWISS technology

For developing a SMART City, it is necessary that the infrastructure and other systems are in place and should cater to the requirements in an environment friendly manner. Keeping in mind this requirement, GIFT City is taking the right steps in implementation of sustainable and environment friendly systems.

For the management of the solid waste which will be generated in GIFT City, GIFT Co. Ltd. is evaluating the implementation of the Swiss technology. Using this technology, the solid waste generated will be disposedwithout much of human interference. The plan also includes recycling of waste to generate organic manure as also use it for generation of electricity which can be used and consumed within GIFT City itself.

With the help of the vacuum suction pipes, the solid waste from the towers will be sent to the waste collection centres which will be located almost at a distance of 2km from these buildings. The system will be automated and includes monitoring of the waste management system. The underground pipelines will transfer the waste at a lightning high speed of 110-140 km per hour from the towers to the waste collection centres. The automated system will be used to control the direction in which the waste will be transported as also the speed at which it needs to be transported.

GIFT City had a successful trial run to check on the efficiencies and the manner in which this automated waste management system will work. Mr. RamakantJha, MD GIFT City stated that after the successful trial run, it is observed that certain improvements are required to make it a successful system.





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