December 05, 2015

ESpark-Viridian begins operations at GIFT City

ESpark-Viridian is a joint venture initiative between Viridian Ventures, India  andEntrepreneurial Spark, UK - Venture catalysts in SME space. It has started its operations in GIFT City. The accelerator centreof ESpark-Viridian at GIFT City has started its operations with 10 start-ups. The JV aims to stimulate growth in the local economy by supporting and developing the entrepreneur skills of SME.

As per MuraliHariharan, Global head Venture Strategy, Viridian Group, the acceleration programme for the start-ups isuniquely designed by the group. The programme extends upto 18 months and consists of comprehensive package which includes infrastructure facilities, services, acceleration programme, seed capital and mentoring. It is spread across multiple stages for early stage and growing ventures.

Kenneth Whipp from Entrepreneurial-Spark, UK believes that there are some common challenges faced by start-ups in the world. It is very hard for the start-ups to have easy access to finance and access to mentoring expert. The Viridian group believes that theiracceleration centers will provide the much-required impetus to accelerate the start-ups by mitigating the finance constraint and experts to mentor these start-ups.

The JV lends helps to people who have an idea and encourages start-ups multiple industry sectors across international borders to be part of a collaborative platform, offering synergies and diverse growth models to learn from.




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